How do I apply my lash clusters?

Picky lashes are designed to be applied quickly and easily. Simply remove a cluster from the tray (we like using tweezers to grab the band) and dip the band into a tiny bit of your preferred lash glue. Beginning on the outer corner of your eye, place the cluster on your lash line. Repeat by placing a new cluster next to the first until your desired look is complete. (Artist tip: if you're using eyeliner with your lashes, go for black glue; without liner, try clear.)

How are Picky lashes different from other false lashes?

Our Picky clusters are the first customizable false lashes that always give you a natural look. Strip lashes are great for a more dramatic look but can look artificial, feel heavy on your lid, and require measuring, cutting and waiting for glue to dry. While individual flare lashes may appear more "natural," you can only achieve one specific look. In addition, they are time-consuming and can be difficult to apply. With Picky lashes, you can easily apply and combine clusters to achieve your perfect natural lash look in half the time.

How do I know what style of lash cluster to use?

If you want a denser lash line, try Full. For a dainty style, go for Refined. To add the right amount of volume, try Flirty. For perfect definition, choose Classic. 

You can wear one style of lash on your entire eye, but what we love is that you can combine or layer styles for totally different looks. Some of our favorite placements are (starting from the outer corner of the eye, the number of clusters each person uses will vary): 

Full → Classic → Refined
Full → Flirty
Classic → Refined

Also try layering:
Flirty + Refined
Refined + Full 
Classic + Flirty 

Can I reuse my lash clusters?

Yes! After wearing, gently remove the lashes with makeup remover or cleanser. Use care when removing the glue from the lash band and store them back on the tray. 

What are your lashes made of?

Our lashes are made of 100% human hair, handcrafted with the highest manufacturing standards by a company which has been producing lashes for over 40 years. 

Why is there a minimum order?

We would love for you to have the opportunity to try all of our styles while saving you money on packaging and shipping costs. Additionally, we sell primarily to professional makeup artists who stock their kits with more than one pack of lashes at a time. 

Do you offer a professional discount?

Yes! For consideration, please email info@imsopicky.com with two of the following to identify yourself as a professional working artist: 

Tear Sheet With Name Credit/IMDB Page
Dedicated Website Promoting Work
Pro Membership Card
Invoice/Proof of Professional Work
Agency Comp Card
Valid Union Card
Program or Call Sheet
School Diploma
Valid Cosmetology or Esthetician license